Blick in den Digitalisierungsraum
Scanner zum Digitalisieren von Büchern

Since 2010 the Oberösterreichische Landesbibliothek has been working to digitalize copyright-free books. More than 3000 historically valuable printings are available via “”.

Read rare, valuable publications online

You can read the scanned books on your device page for page, browse through chapters, search word for word or download particular pages, chapters or whole books.

Primarily, the portal includes rare books dating from between 1500 to today. The spectrum ranges from the medieval manuscripts to cookbooks. The special feature of our reproductions is high quality and accurate capture of structural-data and meta-data (author, title and year of publication, tables of contents, figures, etc.).

Digitizsation of your own works

If you own historically valuable books and you want to have them digitalzed, then talk to us.
With the help of our highly specialized hardware and software, your treasures can start a second life as "E-Book". Our offer is aimed at monastic libraries, museums and archives, but also at private persons. It is important that the data are copyright-free.

Cost: 15 cents per image plus a handling charge including

    • scanning
    • quality control
    • depositing the results on the Digi-server including the capture of structural and metadata 

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